【FULL】I Belonged To Your World EP 01 | Capturing Handsome Straight-A Classmate to Be My Husband

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✨I Belonged To Your World✨
Aka: 他跨越山海而来

Qi Yandi, Jerron Wu, Liu Yitong

Qi Yue comes from a well-off family and has no ambition at all. She spends her time doing absolutely nothing. One day, her 25-year-old son, Qi Shuo, comes from the future and tells Qi Yue that she will have a bad marriage and a miserable life due to her "death-defying ability." To avoid this regret from happening, Qi Shuo travels back to help her rewrite her fate. When Qi Yue learns that her "future husband" is Lu Xiao, the school's straight-A student, she is forced to make an effort to improve herself in the face of the difference. Qi Shuo develops a "transformation plan," and under the supervision of her own son and her own effort, Qi Yue is admitted to the same university as Lu Xiao. There, she goes head on with Lu Xiao. Qi Shuo takes the initiative to enter Lu Xiao's inner circle and becomes a helper to his mother. With cheekiness and gimmicks, she finally captures the heart of Lu Xiao

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