【10-FEET】第ゼロ感 『THE FIRST SLAM DUNK』ED ギター弾いてみた(Guitar Cover)

いいね、コメントをくれてた皆さま、本当に申し訳ありません( TДT)
今回は、BOSS ML-2(Metal Core)で主に音作りをしてます。
Guitar → ML-2 → MG-300(JCモデルを使用) → PC

I deleted the video by mistake, so I'm uploading it again😫
I'm really sorry to everyone who gave me likes and comments ( TДT)
Have you all seen the Slam Dunk movie?
Six of Ryota's quotes are included in the video♬
This time, I mainly make sounds with BOSS ML-2 (Metal Core).
Guitar → ML-2 → MG-300(Use JC model) → PC

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